In 25+ Years I’ve Never Really Marketed A “Thing”

Truth be told, I’ve pretty much never marketed a ‘thing’.  Rather, working primarily for Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare and Non-Profit companies, I’ve primarily marketed intangibles – but to buyers in a wide variety of industries.

That said. I can market anything. I believe that whether you are marketing an intangible or a widget, the challenge is the same: understand the market and how your product uniquely solves the problems of the various buyer personas.

Here’s a sampling of the products I’ve marketed:

Cybersecurity Technology Platform

Drove demand from Chief Security Officers for a technology solution that enables them to assess the maturity of their cybersecurity business practices and create a prioritized roadmap to improve cybermaturity.

Data-Driven Financial, Regulatory and Performance Platform

Helped asset managers and major custodian banks reduce costs, eliminate risk and elevate service levels through data consolidation and automation.

Institutional Mutual Funds, Separate Accounts and Annuities

Marketed institutional mutual funds, separate accounts, 401(k) plan services, variable annuities and cash management solutions to bank trust departments and insurance companies.

C-level Executive’s Personal Brand

Consulted with a C-Level executive to develop his professional brand value proposition and helped him to tell his story to prospective employers by enhancing his LinkedIn profile.

AI-Driven Business Rules Technology

Managed marketing for artificial intelligence business rules software company. Led product launch of an ACORD domain knowledge base for the insurance industry, including positioning, analyst relations, website, events, lead generation, sales support and SEO.

Prescription Benefit Plans

Established start-up marketing division for subsidiary of a major retail drug company which marketed prescription benefit management services to insurance companies and major self-insured corporations.

Customer Service Software

Led marketing for global B2B knowledge management software company which marketed eService technology to Fortune 1000 companies.

Charitable Giving Funds to Workplace Donors

Led major brand repositioning for United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, including conducting a brand research study, rebranding the community donation fund, creating key messaging, training employees and volunteers and establishing brand graphic standards.