B2B Freelance Writing, Content Marketer, Brand Consultant for Financial Services & High Tech

Joan Tesla

Thank you for visiting my website to learn about how I can put my experience to work for you.

I realize that you are not just hiring me for my experience. Relationships are based on confidence. So, I’d like to share an inside glimpse into me … Joan Tesla and what made me who I am today.

True to my roots as the daughter of humble and hardworking blue-collar parents, I have built a life and a career based on those same blue collar work ethic and values. Equally, I believe in remaining steadfast to maintaining a healthy work-life family balance.

I also truly believe that life offers everyone great opportunities – and that action begets results.

I am self made. I worked to pay for my own education – a B.S. in Business Administration majoring in Marketing. I earned my MBA at night, while working full time.

HubSpot CertificationI am a wife and a mother. We adopted our son from Russia at ten months old. I love him to death, though parenting is hard work.

I am an identical twin – genetically. Though I am the thoughtful one and she is more gregarious. It’s an interesting dynamic.

I have found my success at the intersection of innovation and discipline.

All of that has led to an awesome and rewarding 20+ year career so far – including leading marketing communications for a global financial services technology company, a provider of an AI driven business rules engine, a United Way chapter and a provider of prescription benefit management products and services.

But, I feel that best chapter of my career is ahead of me – as I put my passion, my drive and my experience to work for you.

Are you a professional who needs help to position your personal brand and give your LinkedIn profile a makeover?  Or a marketer with more projects and content writing challenges than your internal team can handle?  Or perhaps an agency working hard to earn the loyalty of your clients while managing the ebbs and flows of your business?  I can help. Outsourcing can be a risky proposition. After all, you are putting your reputation on the line. I know. I’ve been in your shoes.

Product launches, blogs, case studies, website content, white papers — you have ambitious plans, but not always the internal resources to make them reality.

Finding freelance help is one thing, but finding someone who truly understands your audience is another.

Relax. And let me help. Marcom leader turned freelancer, I was a B2B marketer for financial services and high tech companies for 20-plus years. I believe that on-target messaging and great content are a marketer’s greatest assets.

That’s my story. In a nutshell.

How can I help you tell yours?